Rushville Townhouse
113 Congress Street
June, 2000
We have found the most wonderful building in Rushville! It is on the square, has a grand townhouse upstairs, and the bottom is rented out to very nice businesses. It is not only on the square, but across the street from the Schuyler County Courthouse, which has just been restored to its original elegance.

Robin took this picture from the edge of the square where the annual Arts in the Park was setting up. That's why the signs and barricades are in the street. The brick pavement looks really nice, but they are going to relay it this year anyway!

There are lots of stories about the building and its tenants over the years. Mostly druggists in the front and a dentist in the back, but now the Subway (you guessed?) and the combined Rushville Chamber of Commerce and the Schuyler County Economic Development Corporation in the back. The entrance to the townhouse is a large door with red awning just on the right.

The Phoenix Opera House is in the buildings with the dark trim, and you can see the Subway sign at the right end of the block, and the courthouse. The Opera House was nearly restored in 1995 and had a catastrophic fire just nearing completion. It was completely rebuilt immediately, and is used a great deal.
September 1, 2000
So, if you did not yet guess, we did buy the building and move in on the first of September.We have made many fascinating discoveries including some mid 1880s pictures of the building. The ceilings are about 13 feet high upstairs, and it was to our surprise that above those already very high ceilings is another three feet of space before the original ceilings, and, in the front of the building, about another five feet of attic above that.

The original plaster, paint and wallpaper are still clinging to the walls in most sections

This is the stencil over the present dining/kitchen area.

The hallway shows this stencil on both sides with the electric green below.

The living room area has pieces of this extravagant wallpaper clinging to the tops of the walls.

On the ground floor at the rear of the building is the office of the Schuyler County Economic Development Commission and the Chamber of Commerce. The tin ceiling there is very impressive, and the offices still have the original windows and baseboards.

September 2003

We sold this fine property and moved three blocks west, but maintained a presence on the square with our shop at 110 W. Lafayette.

June 2007

Returned to Washington, Illinois, leaving the shop and house on Lafayette to new and appreciative owners.

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